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Michelle E

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In the years that VietsScape has been involved in serving the Vietnamese
Community, we have come across many young and bright individuals whom we think
will bring great pride to the Vietnamese communitỵ One such talent is the
incomparable, Michelle Ẹ Michelle E came from a family of performers and
musicians. In following the familýs legacy and tradition, Michelle E is
emerging in the field of young talents as a promising new star in the Vietnamese
music scene abroad. The following is an excerpt of our interview with young miss

VS: First of all, wére dying to know what the "E" stands for?

Michelle E:: Cant tell yoụ..its a secret. Yoúll have to use your

VS: Well…we just might! Lets start with some background infọ Where were you
born and where did you grow up?

Michelle E:: I was born in a tiny, little town, Huntington, Indiana, but I grew
up in Houston, Texas. I love it herẹ.its not too big a city, and its
definitely not too little!

VS: What high school did you attend?

Michelle E:: Alief Elsik…the same school Beyonce of Destinýs Child went tọ
Yep…Houston is actually movin on up!

VS: Yes it is! Your family has the best nightclub therẹ Some of us true music
fans knows the legendary CBC band from Vietnam. They were even in featured in
Rolling Stones Magazine, we heard. You still perform at CBCMini Club, right?

Michelle E:: Yes, when Ím in town. Thats my favorite place to
perform–alongside my mom, dad, family, and for my hometown fans that always
sing along and act crazỵ theýre my age again…only some are, and some
are over 65!

VS: How has your familýs musical background influenced yoủ

Michelle E:: Tremendouslỵ But its never been forced on mẹ Somehow, I just
cant stay away from it. Of all the children in my family (cousins, that is…I
only have 1 older sister), Ím the only one who just loves music! Any kind, and
all aspects of it. I actually enjoy sitting through set-up, rehearsal, and even

VS: Production?

Michelle E:: Absolutely! My partner & I run New World Entertainment. Íll have
to share some photos with yoụ We run some really fun shows. Its not your basic
"rent a place, hire a singer, post flyers, make ticket money" kind of ordeal. We
put on productions with true performers and no show is ever the samẹ

I also promote Chic Couture (Designer label apparel and accessories) and every
season, we also do crazy fashion events for them. Of course, it always includes
quality music in it.

VS: Any time to breathẻ

Michelle E:: 🙂 On stage! My true passion is to sing above all of this "extra

VS: Is that all you dỏ

Michelle E:: Well, beside being a consultant/customer service manager for
Lifestyle Furnishings Furniturẹ But thats a whole other story!

VS: Geez…

Michelle E:: Yeah, its a full load. But I love it. I love to stay busy while
Ím young.

VS: By the way, how old are yoủ

Michelle E:: Well, I recently turned legal…

VS: How recent?

Michelle E:: Feb. 27th a year or 2 agọ..hahaha

VS: Well, Happy Belated Bday!

Michelle E:: Thanks!

VS: So Khanh Ha Productions recently released your CD, Summer Splash Mix. How
was that?

Michelle E:: Fun, experimental. Ím working on a lot of other projects now,
though. Another CD, Videos, etc…

VS: Cool. Question. Do you favor Vietnamese music or American?

Michelle E:: Vietnamesẹ Its so true-to-meaning and touchy! Very expressivẹ
But I enjoy performing American, Spanish, and French music.

VS: Whỷ

Michelle E:: Because then Ím less concerned with absolute correct pronunciation
and so I can have more fun.

VS: Good reason.

Michelle: Not that I cant speak Vietnamesẹ Thats all Ím allowed to speak in
my parents household. I still make a few errors here and there, but basically,
Ím fluent in Vietnamesẹ..speaking and writing.

VS: Thats impressive for being US born.

Michelle E:: Thanks. I owe it to Mom & Dad, and God.

VS: Thats remarkablẹ What other talents do you havẻ

Michelle E:: Well, I play a little piano, but my true talent is my ability to
mimick Karate moves. You just cant take me to a Jackie Chan flick!

VS: And what about hobbies? You abviously love Karate movies.

Michelle E:: I love comedies even morẹ But my favorite hobbies are Skiing
(Snow, Jet, or Water), Camping (but not hunting), Writing, and Cooking. I make a
mean traditional Vietnamese meal.

VS: Maybe wéll get a taste test next timẻ

Michelle E:: Sure! I dont mind doing dishes, but if yoúll wipe the table and
sweep, yoúre invited!

VS: Well, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How can others contact

Michelle E:: For right now, Ím accepting mail at this ađress. Or Íll see you
at MINI CLUB if yoúre in Houston. Hope to hear from everyone! Bye!

Michelle Ẹ

3190 Fondren Rd.

Houston, Tx 77063

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