Le Uyen & Phuong

Le Uyen & Phuong

Vietnamese Artist/Singer Le Uyen & Phuong biography. All about Le Uyen & Phuong . Video clips music and more, read more …

Le Uyen Phuong is the first half of the famous duo Le Uyen & Phuong. As a
youngster in Da Lat, he was encouraged by his family and friends to pursue
music. He studied music under Francois Regor and learned composing through books
and by listening to may types of music.

Le Uyen Phuong composed using this namẹ When he performs with his wife, he uses
Le Uyen va Phuong. In 1960, he wrote his first song, Buon Den Bao Gio
in Pleikụ Le Uyen Phuong claims to write songs based on his own experience, not
on his imagination. To date, he has written ten volumes of music, four of which
are love songs.

When asked whether he has any favorite songs, Le Uyen Phuong only says that all
are his favorite, because those that he disliked have already been edited out of
the volumes. He only allows those he likes to be published.

Le Uyen is the other half of the duo Le Uyen va Phuong. She made her debut in
the late sixties performing songs written by Le Uyen Phuong and became a
household name in a relatively short timẹ In 1970, she recorded Tinh ca Le
Uyen Phuong
, which elevated her to stardom.

Le Uyen arrived to the United States in 1979. She immediately participated in
various entertainment activities. She has appeared in many concerts and stages
all over the world and has recorded several tapes and CDs.

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