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Kristine Sa

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In recent years, there are many Vietnamese rising stars both in the United
States and other European countries hoping to break through the barrier to
become one of the many phenoms that are currently occupying the mainstream
airwavẹ One such rising star is Kristine Yen Sạ Recently, VietScape had a rare
opportunity to catch up with Kristine and were able to have her share some of
her secrets to her success. The following is an excerpt from our online
interview with Kristinẹ

VS: What was your birthday ?

Kristine: June 6th, 1982

VS: Where were you born and where did you grow up? What high school did you
attend ?

Kristine: I grew up in a town near Saigon called Song Bẹ My high school years
are/were at Wexford C.Ị (in Toronto, Canada) I am finishing up my last year
right now.

VS: When did you come to the US, where did you first live and where are you
living now ?

Kristine: I came to Canada when I was 6 years old and am still living here in
Torontọ I often come to the States to work.

VS: Are there any musicians in your familỷ

Kristine: Yes. =) My sister Tam Doan.

VS: When was your first time singing in public?

Kristine: I believe it was in my kindergarten class when I was about 5. We had
put on a little performance for the parents and I was a singing flower. If you
ask me, I think I was the best flower therẹ ;p

VS: How and where did you learn to sing? Did you get encouragement from familỷ

Kristine: Íve been singing all my life, actuallỵ I never really knew it to be
something remotely significant. I always thought it was something that everyone
did as often as mẹ My family has brought me up to be very appreciative of
music. We ALWAYS have music on, no matter what it is that we are doing. With my
career, they support what I do tremendouslỵ Theýre very proud that I am doing
something I lovẹ As for music school, Íve been at a special performing arts
school since the 9th gradẹ I chose to go there since the 8th grade, and
couldnt stop once I started. Its rather ađictive! Íve taken drama, vocal,
and musical theatre at school but I have never taken any private singing lessons
beforẹ I guess my most important mentor has been my mommỵ.. singing Y Lan
songs as she cooks.

VS: When did you start your musical career and how?

Kristine: I didnt really wake up one morning and decide that I would pursue
this path. It was a friend of mine that knew of my interests and contacted
Nemesis Records for mẹ He told them to take a look at my webpage and they were
interested in my poetrỵ Minh-Dan Pham (CEO of Nemesis Records) and I spoke for
a little whilẹ After sending a rough cover of Toni Braxtons "Unbreak My Heart"
along with a self-written song, I guess I just stumbled into the business. I was
17 at the timẹ

VS: Are you influenced by any kind of music or musician(s)? Vietnamese or
Foreign? What type of music you love best?

Kristine: I am intrigued by all kinds of music. I love anything and everything
that is interesting to the ear. I am influenced by both foreign and Vietnamese
music. I find that the stylistics used in Vietnamese music is absolutely
gorgeous! Its something that no other music can imitatẹ Though, I am unable to
duplicate it exactly, I hope to somehow incorporate it a little into my writing.
There are so many beautiful Vietnamese instruments that are unused by the
American industry and hopefully wéll be able to change that.

VS: What is your source of inspiration?

Kristine: Lifẹ I find that I write when I am overwhelmed and I am only
overwhelmed when I am able to feel what has happened. Whether its happened to
me or someone else, if I feel it so bad that it aches. Thats when a song pours

VS: Is there a particular song that you are most proud of? Whỷ

Kristine: Umm… I dont know. Thats a tough onẹ I like them all equally and I
dislike them all equallỵ Ím the type of person that is never satisfied with my
work. I always think that I should be doing a little better, so really I dont
know. But if I absolutely HAD to choose, then it would be "Nexusbeta/Parallel
Fates". This song is so different from what I usually do that it makes me little
happy knowing that I tried something very new.

VS: Do you play any musical instrument?

Kristine: I write with the piano and am trying to pick up some guitar. The
guitar is such a romantic instrument.

VS: Do you get involved with any other type of arts or performance outside of
music ?

Kristine: Yes. =) I am a chronic writer. I write day and night, and in my sleep.
I also do quite a bit of dancing, acting, sketching and lately a little bit of

VS: What kind of fan contact do you have ? Do you receive letters? Do fans come
talk to you after concert?

Kristine: Every now and then I get sweet long emails from fans. I always blush a
little, every time I say or write the word "fan". I am not used to it at all.
They would explain to me how they found out about me and what songs they like
the most. There was this one person that emailed me and told me that he used
"The Arms Of Paradise" to get married tọ WOW, I thought. I almost cried when I
read that onẹ Also, therés a message board at
where people can leave messages and I always read them. I try to respond as
often as possible on my diary at the sitẹ

VS: How would someone contact yoủ

Kristine: I always read the message board at,
so that would be the best way to contact mẹ

VS: What do you like doing in your free time outside of singing? Do you have any

Kristine: I like to spend a little alone time with my boyfriend. =) Yes, yes, I
know. I am a big mush-ball but I cant help it. Hés the cutest thing! I also
like just sitting with a coffee and staring out the window. Its really nice to
just sit and observe the world. Its a beautiful placẹ

VS: Any favorite food and drink ?

Kristine: Bubble tea, hot hot buffalo wings and durian fruit. Generally I just
LOVE food though. =) Feed me and I am happỵ

VS: Any project in terms on CD, video, concert in the next 6 months ?

Kristine: We are currently working on the first album, titled "I Never Knew" and
it will be available sometime this summer.

VS: Any goals you want to accomplish in the future ?

Kristine: Íd like to know that I have reached a few hearts. Thats really all I
want. In the big picture, Íd like to be recognized as a Vietnamese/Asian singer
in the American industrỵ But really, I just want to reach a few hearts. Without
that, therés really no point in writing or singing.

VS: Is your singing career a full-time career or do you have any side business?
How do you find the time, do you have to sacrifice anything to pursue singing
(or performing)?

Kristine: I am trying to balance singing with my high school career. Next year
Íll be studying theatre at York University, which will probably kill me but
Íll deal with that when it comes. I had to quit my part-time job a while ago
because it kept interfering with my creative outbursts. I used to write parts of
songs during work and I would lose concentration. It was bad for both my
employer and mẹ Íve had to cut down on my social lifẹ.. a lot! Of course, I
also dont sleep. =)

VS: Please give us the names of 3 of your most requested and successful songs.

Kristine: Oh thats perfect! There are only 3 songs available right now. They
are "The Arms Of Paradise", "A Dose Of You" and "Nexusbeta/Parallel Fates". They
can be found at
, or on napster if it will survivẹ I hope it will. I am
quite a napster-girl.

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