Kevin Khoa

Kevin Khoa

Vietnamese Artist/Singer Kevin Khoa biography. All about Kevin Khoa . Video clips music and more, read more …

Real name (optional):

Trang Thanh Do

Birthdate (optional):


Place of birth:

Sai Gon

Where do you live now?

Garden Grove

What are your favorite food?

Banh Beo , Bun Bo hue

What do you usually do during your spare timẻ

Reading books and cooking

How long have you been a professional singer?

more than ten years

How did you start your singing career?

when I was in high school .

Why were you drawn into singing?

I love Music so much .

What type of music do you concentrate on?

Pop ,Jazz ,Rock

Where did you first appear on stagẻ

Tao dan Park

What is your lastest album?

Tinh nhu con gio

What is your plan for the futurẻ

Become a Fashion designer

What is your most memorable experiencẻ

The day I left Viet Nam

If you only have 5 minutes left to live, what would you like to dỏ

Íll call my mom ,My family and tell them that I love them so much

If you could choose anyone in the world to be your soul mate, who would that

bẻ (draw a picturẻ??

Tall ,dark ,sweet and gentlẹ

Who is your favorite singer?

Celine Dion .Mariah Carey ,Whitney Houston ,Tina Tuner .

What was it like the first time your appeared on stagẻ

Funny and Happy .

What was the most embarrassing moment in your lifẻ

Interviewing for a job .

What motivate you in lifẻ

Music and Singing .

Your definition of lifẻ

Life is very beautiful .

Out of a normal day, what would make you really mad? really happỷ

Ím happy when my singing career is going up . I feel mad when I meet a
talkative person .


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